Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Add Marc Organization Code to Koha Bibliographic Data

Marc Organizational Code

Marc Organizational code is a unique international code that identifies your records. Its freely allotted by LOC. The MARC Organizations  Code  contains short alphabetic codes used to represent names of libraries and other kinds of organizations that need to be identified in the bibliographic environment. This code list is an essential reference tool for those dealing with MARC records, for systems reporting library holdings, for many interlibrary loan systems, and for those who may be organizing cooperative projects on a regional, national, or international scale.

How to apply for it:
Click Code Request Form and fill up the form with your library data. Its generally allotted within one week.
You may also serch the aavailable codes alloted to your country libraries. Click Code Search
How to add your code to your Koha records:
Once you receive the unique code for your organization, you have to add it to your Koha System. The steps are as follows:

1. Log in to Koha Staff Interface.

2. Click on Koha Administration
3. Click on Global system preferences

4. Click on Cataloging in left hand side panel

5. Search for MARCOrgCode under Record Structure subheading
6. Input your Code here. [e.g. IND-AJM is added here].

7. Click on Save all Cataloging preferences

NB: Keep tag 003 ignored [hidden] in Marc Bibliographic format.

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