Friday, October 28, 2016

Print WebOPAC search results in Koha

Print WebOPAC search results in Koha 3.22.05

1.       Log in to your Koha OPAC.
2.       Go to "Your Lists" on left hand side options

3.       Click a new list 

4.       Create a list with desired name and save it

5.       After saving you will get a option to search 

6.       Then search the catalogue.
7.       In the result page , select all or your desired results

8.       Select your newly created list from the drop down after  “With selected titles”

9.       A dialog box will open with the titles of the selected records and with a save option.

10.    Save it.
11.    Now go to “your lists” again [as given in 2] and you can find the saved list.

12.   Click on the list as given above.
13.   Now you can see the saved result with a print option.

14.   You also have option to print selected result and download or email the list.

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